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Valued friend, associate, or partner. We created this space for you. Through this portal, Seniorlink will keep you up to date on the latest news, trends, and information regarding family caregiving across the country. 

Seniorlink understands that family caregivers play a vital role in our healthcare system. Right now, there are 53 million family caregivers in the U.S. These selfless individuals work day and night to ensure their loved ones receive care at home, the lowest-cost setting for complex care. 

Below you'll find information on the importance of engaging and supporting family caregivers. Check this space often to see updates throughout as we collectively recognize the family caregiver for all that they do.


Integrating Family Caregivers Into Health Care Teams

There are about 53 million family and friends providing care and assistance to loved ones in the United States. Although family caregivers provide a significant portion of health and support services to individuals with serious illnesses, they are often overlooked by U.S. health care systems. Fundamental changes are needed in the way we identify, assess, and support family caregivers. Recent changes in the U.S. health care system and payment models have increased the opportunities to integrate family caregivers into care teams.

Rand Health, in partnership with Seniorlink, recently published a new report, A Framework for Integrating Family Caregivers Into the Health Care Team, which describes several barriers and facilitators to integrating family caregivers into the health care team and provides a blueprint for next steps to implementing policy solutions.

Read the full Rand Health report here.

Commentary from Seniorlink Leaders

"Sky Blossom"

Seniorlink is a proud sponsor of the feature film, Sky Blossom, which depicts the challenges and triumphs of multiple families caring for loved ones who have suffered serious injuries during their service in the U.S. Armed Forces. Learn more about Sky Blossom.


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Clinical Content:  Carepaths to Navigate a Pandemic

In response to the threat of Covid-19, Seniorlink’s clinical care teams have created a series of pandemic-focused carepaths.  This content, part of our expansive protocol library, is typically available to our Seniorlink clinicians. Managing a pandemic is uncharted territory for all of us in the healthcare community, so we are sharing related content with you and your colleagues such as:


Industry Content:

We are all in this together.  The healthcare industry is creating, publishing and sharing valuable content daily – it’s difficult to keep up.  We have included helpful content from fellow industry thought leaders and hope you find it helpful as well. A recently published infographic on social isolation published by the Gerontological Society of Aging, an emergency preparedness guide recently released by the Alzheimer’s Associations for Alzheimer's and dementia management and a tips guide for "sandwich" generation caregivers from National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC). 


Community Content:

For families caring for their loved ones at home, as many of our families do, please find some helpful resources that can be passed along to them.