Empowering Family to Care for Family at Home

Family caregivers are 53 million strong. They are the backbone of healthcare infrastructure in the U.S. and they need our care and support. It will take industry-wide adoption, new policy, innovative payers and providers, and support at the community level, but we have the creativity and the tools to provide caregivers with everything they need to keep care at home if we work together. 

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Family members provide the majority of long-term care in the United States. They manage complex medical care tasks and support better behavioral health while ensuring their loved ones can continue to live in their homes and communities. At Seniorlink, we support family caregivers with knowledge, confidence, and consistent coaching and support. But we don’t do it alone.

We want to thank our public and private partners – state agencies, health plans, aging and disability services organizations, advocacy organizations – as well as the many thousands of care managers and others who work to uplift family caregivers and empower them in their caregiving roles. Together, we are providing the support that keeps families together and allows for communities to thrive.   

Below, you will find valuable resources and content related to the current state of family caregiving in the US. Please share this information broadly so we can continue to draw attention to value of family caregivers and champion the innovations that support them.

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Valuing the Role of the Family Caregiver in America

Seniorlink CEO Tom Riley and President Matt Marek sat down with Sen. Bill Frist, host of the “A Second Opinion” podcast, to discuss the state of family caregiving in an episode titled, “Tom Riley and Matt Marek, Seniorlink’s Senior Leadership, on Valuing The Role of the Family Caregiver.”

Meet Caregiver Nation

Caregiver Nation by the Numbers

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The Invisible Army

Seeing the True Value of the Family Caregiver

HubSpot Video

Family Caregivers Matter

A Guide on the State of Caregiving in the US

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A Framework for Integrating Family Caregivers into the Health Care Team

A RAND Health Report Featuring Recommendations to Improve the Integration of Family Caregivers into Health Care Teams

Rand Health, in partnership with Seniorlink, published a report titled “A Framework for Integrating Family Caregivers Into the Health Care Team.” The report describes several barriers and facilitators to integrating family caregivers into the health care team and provides a blueprint for next steps to implementing policy solutions.

Read the full Rand Health report here.

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