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A newly designed site featuring information on COVID-19 including program and process updates, relevant clinical and caregiver content and the opportunity to send inquiries directly to our leadership and receive a response within 24-hours.


A Letter from the CEO

Dear Valued Partners,

First and foremost, I hope you, your staff and your loved ones are safe and healthy. It goes without saying that we are living through unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and news changes by the minute. As a result, our healthcare community has been in the spotlight as the country looks to us to provide comfort and safety. I know that each of you is responding to the challenge and I want you to know how Seniorlink has responded.

We have been fully operational in a remote environment to serve our mutual members, since March 17th.
Investments we have made in technology have allowed Seniorlink to transition the entire organization—545 full and part-time staff—to remote status as of March 17, 2020; by the end of last week, we were able to communicate with the nearly 6,400 families we are actively serving across nine states.

Families we serve continue to receive case management support remotely, thanks to Vela.  

Our HIPAA-secure collaboration app, Vela, has allowed us to conduct 100% of our home...

Stay Connected

In uncertain times, questions often outnumber answers. To help, we have created a list of COVID-19 related FAQs for you and your teams.

We have also created a COVID-19 Partner Support Team, comprised of operational leadership on call to address any specific questions or concerns including, but not limited to: Is your patient's Adult Day Health provider closed, and you're wondering what resources are available to them? Do they have concerns about having people they don’t know come into their home to care for loved ones? Are any of your clients finding the care they need to provide to be more intense and demanding, and they’re overwhelmed?

Send a message to our COVID-19 Partner Support Team or give them a call at 866-797-2333

Helpful Resources

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Clinical Content:  Carepaths to Navigate a Pandemic

In response to the threat of Covid-19, Seniorlink’s clinical care teams have created a series of pandemic-focused carepaths.  This content, part of our expansive protocol library, is typically available to our Seniorlink clinicians. Managing a pandemic is uncharted territory for all of us in the healthcare community, so we are sharing related content with you and your colleagues such as:


Industry Content:

We are all in this together.  The healthcare industry is creating, publishing and sharing valuable content daily – it’s difficult to keep up.  We have included helpful content from fellow industry thought leaders and hope you find it helpful as well. A recently published infographic on social isolation published by the Gerontological Society of Aging, an emergency preparedness guide recently released by the Alzheimer’s Associations for Alzheimer's and dementia management and a tips guide for "sandwich" generation caregivers from National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC). 


Community Content:

For families caring for their loved ones at home, as many of our families do, please find some helpful resources that can be passed along to them.